The premium currency in the game is NS Coin.
NS Coin
What can I get for NS Coins?
You can get premium account, summons, jutsu, depo scrolles, pills, addons, scroll boxes, gems and more...
Check in game the list of goods in the NS Shop!

How can I spend NS Coins?
You can exchange NS Coins for available goods in the NS Shop. To find it, click the top-middle button in the game and choose NS Shop.
NS Shop

How can I get NS Coins?
You can get NS Coins by PayPal. Please, add a note with your character name.
EN: Don't select the Protection for Buyers option during the transaction.
PL: Nie zaznaczaj opcji Ochrona kupujacych podczas transakcji.
PT-BR: Nao selecione a protecao do Comprador durante as transacoes.
If you check, you will not receive NS Coins.
Get 1200 NSC Get 2400 NSC Get 4800 NSC
You can also send voluntary subsidies: