The premium currency in the game is NS Coin.NS Coin
What can I get for NS Coins?
You can get premium account, unique summons, skins and more...
Check in game the list of goods in the NS Shop!

What gives a premium account?
Each character on your account is a genius, so you can train 16 hours a day instead of 8 using the offline training system. You have access to more missions, so-called tasks, which involve defeating a certain amount of monsters. You can go through the door that lets you go to places designed only for geniuses. You can use some techniques, including powerful summons that are only available to geniuses. You can own a house. Your health regeneration is increased by 10 points, it's harder to tire you and you rest faster. You are able to use advanced log, which train your avoiding skill. You can enter the server without a queue and travel on a hawk. You lose less experience, ninjutsu and skills by 1% on death and there is less chance of 10% on losing items then. You train chakra control 2 times faster and you keep your ultimate transform twice as long. You can log in to the second character on your account at the same time.

How can I spend NS Coins?
You can exchange NS Coins for available goods in the NS Shop. To find it, click the top-middle button in the game and choose NS Shop.
NS Shop

How can I get NS Coins?
You can get NS Coins by Bank Transfer or Skrill. Please, choose the best way for you.
Skrill and Bank Transfer don't provide automatic NS Coins delivery. You have to wait to receive NS Coins. Check the prices of each method.

Bank transfer