First Items

After login, you're surrounded by chests. Stand next to them and open them, one after the other. To open the chest, click the right mouse button. If you've done it, items should appear in your inventory. If your inventory is closed, you can open it with the button in the top panel.


When your character is hungry, your health is going down. There's a few ways to get food but usually you need to prepare this food. To do this, you have to take raw food on the stove (move raw food with left mouse button clicked). Then you can eat - using the right mouse button, thus providing the calories of your character.


Talking to NPC can bring you many benefits. All you have to do is use the right mouse button on it. Remember to focus on the last sentences of the NPC. If the NPC expects an answer, he emphasizes the word in red. You can rewrite them or press them in the chat console.


Your ninja character can learn new jutsu techniques. The most commonly used for learning is the scrolls, which have specific requirements. If you meet them - you will learn a new jutsu. Scrolls are items that you can get from an NPC or get as a loot from monsters. To check the item description, just click the left and right mouse buttons at the same time. In the case of scrolls, this will be information about the jutsu and the requirements for its use.


Jutsu is a technique that requires specific skills to use. There are many types of jutsu, some can defend you, others can attack the enemy and others strengthen or heal you and even your friends. To use known jutsu, just say the name or use the Jutsu Bar in top panel.


To gain experience, you must kill monsters. To start an attack, just press the right mouse button once. When you see the red arrow and the enemy is marked in red, it means you are attacking it.


Skills measure one's proficiency in a certain ability.
Level represent the experience of your character. It is often required to use jutsu as well as transformations.
Ninjutsu is also required to use jutsu, and also increases the injuries of your jutsu. You can train this by burning the chakra or simply using jutsu.
Taijutsu increases your damage by gloves or fists, Blade Attack by blades and Throwing by distance weapons. To train it, just attack with the right weapon in hand for your character.
Chakra Control is required to use jutsu. You can train it by climbing a tree, walking on the water and fish treatment.
Attack Speed makes you deal damage faster. To train it, just attack.
Avoiding increases your chances of dodging, increases the time of immunity to be stunned. You can train it by exposing yourself to injuries.
Agility increases the speed of running. You can train it by running. To run, just enter the combat controls in the top panel and select running. Remember, to run you need at least 1% rest.

Chakra Control

Chakra Control is required to use jutsu. First you can train it by climbing a tree. If you have 35 Chakra Control or more, you need to walk on the water and if you have 70 Chakra Control or more, you need to complete fish treatment.

Attack Speed

Attack Speed makes you deal damage faster. To train it, just attack. It is worth noting that you can speed up the training process. Unfortunately, you give up the opportunity to train taijutsu, blade attack or throwing at that time, because weapons that makes you're training faster are always two-handed.

First Jutsu

To get the first jutsu, talk to Sasuke Uchiha. Of course, you can also get a scroll from a scroll box just like other scrolls for your character. You can loot scroll box from monsters, but scroll jutsu #1 is avaible to get after talk with Sasuke. He requires 5 level and 5 chakra control. If you meet his expectations, he gives you the scroll and treats you like a rival. Use the scroll to get a jutsu.

Healing Jutsu

To get a healing jutsu, talk to Shizune. She lost her pig. All you have to do is find the pig and bring it to her. Then Shizune will teach you a simple jutsu to heal yourself, Koiyasute no Jutsu.


To jump, press the space. During the jump, you avoid all enemy attacks. In addition, your speed increases significantly. You can use it to escape or quickly shorten the range to the enemy. Often you can also jump on the upper floors, roofs or other high objects. You can also jump down. Remember, to jump you need at least 1% rest.


Rest is important to ensure your character has the ability to run and jump. There are several options for rest. The first is a sleep in a bed. The second is to relax in the bathtub. The third is relaxation in hot springs.


Depo is a place where you can store items. Only you have access to your depot. At Naruto Story, NPC watches over this place, so you have to talk to him to open the depot. In the NS Shop you can also find a scroll that will allow you to open a depo anywhere. Depo is a place where you will also find a marketplace.


Backpack is a very important item. Thanks to it you are able to store more items. The number of slots in the backpack is limited, and putting the backpack into the backpack is blocked, but backpacks can be upgraded thanks to NPC. The better the backpack, the higher the price for the upgrade, but also the more slots. There are also inner backpacks that you can put into ordinary backpacks.


There are three types of attacking weapons. Distance weapons, blades and gloves. Weapon has two basic values, attack and block. The attack determines the damage you make. The block determines the blocking frequency of hits. You have the ability to carry two weapons at a time, that is in the left and right hands. Carrying two weapons will cause that you will inflict more damage and you will block more often, because you will receive an additional 10% of the attack and block value of a weaker weapon.


Ring can be put on the hand, but give other bonuses than weapon. Properties of rings are different. One ring can reduce the waiting time for using jutsu, another increase your regeneration of health and chakra, and another strengthen your skills. It's your choice, between the ring or the second weapon.


If you get 10 level, you can add talents. To do this, you need talent points. Check a talent window that can be turned on in the top panel. Remember, the window will appear after you reach 10 level. With every level you gain, you have 10% chance to gain talent point, it is completely random. When you choose talent from the column, you can not choose another one in this column. Talents give great opportunities, so choose the best one for you. With an NPC called Demon, you can exchange talent points for a random box. You can also reset talents there.


PvP, also known as Player vs Player, is a concept that involves players fighting. If you kill someone who has not attacked you before and you are not in his team and you are not waging war with him then you will get an unjustified kill (frag). One frag disappears 6 hours. The fight last 15 minutes for each frag and skull time last 5 minutes longer. To get a red skull, you need to get 6 frags. When you die with a red skull, you lose 1% more level and ninjutsu, and you will also lose your backpack. You have 50% to lose other items. If you get 30 weekly kills (limit), you're going to prison. If you die, and the number of your frags is equal to or greater than the limit of weekly kills divided into two, you also go to prison. You can get information about the PVP status thanks to the command that can be found in the top panel (NS Shop, Events & Commands).


Markets are special stands where you can buy items from players or sell items. Market can be created at the marketplace, which is located next to the depot. Commands to create or remove the market can be found in the top panel (NS Shop, Events & Commands).

NS Shop

NS Shop is a window where you can buy new pets, new look, new skills, new items for NS Coins (NSC). To display the window, click Server Shop, Events & Commands button in top panel and go to NS Shop. To find out how to get NSC, visit our website,, then go to the premium tab. If you have bought something that is assigned to your character and you want to buy it on another (on the same account), you will pay only 25% of the price! Thanks to the use of NS Shop, you support the game, thank you! :)


Events are the time in which players can take part in great fun and get great rewards. If it has been announced, you can easily enter and register as a participant in proper window. To display the window, click Server Shop, Events & Commands button in top panel and go to Events. Choose an event that will be active and wait for the start!


The commands allow you to use many functions that give you the world of Naruto Story, and the window with the commands is spread out, useful, because you do not have to remember all the commands. It is a simplified way to perform actions related to commands. To display the window, click Server Shop, Events & Commands button in top panel and go to Commands.


The team can be a maximum of 5 people. These people can fight with each other, without being at risk of losing items or skills. To create a team, hold down ctrl and press the right mouse button on the future member of the team. Then, the player can join to your team in the same way. In addition, you can enable option for sharing experience, just hold ctrl and click on yourself with right mouse button and choose Enable Shared Experience. There is also a bonus of gained experience with shared experience option enabled. When you have 5 people in the team you get a 40% bonus, 4 is 30%, 3 is 20% bonus. The level difference between the team members can not be higher than 30% of the greatest level in the team to enable shared experience option. Some characters are created to be in a team. They can heal their friends and strengthen them.


There are story missions, side missions and dungeons. The side missions are profitable, but not necessarily important. They are not too difficult, so this is a nice way to gain experience for low-level players. Story missions are anime based missions. Thanks to this you can get interesting prizes, increase the amount of your health and the rank. Dungeons are big places, full of puzzles, difficult passages and strong monsters. Finally, there is a boss who is part of the anime world. Command to check story mission or dungeon can be found in the top panel (NS Shop, Events & Commands).


This status gives you many privileges. Each character on your account is a genius, can go to special placements, learn new techniques, summon new summons, have own house, will have faster chakra regeneration (amount increased by 50%, time reduced by 1 second), 3 times faster rest, able to use advanced log to train (avoiding training), enter the server without a queue, travel on a hawk, less by 1% loss of experience, ninjutsu, skills and less chance by 10% to lose items after death, bonus for regeneration of health, that is +10 points, faster by a second, you can unlock and play with new character style.


Transforms are a new form of your character. It can draw health and chakra per second, but increase the damage of your character. It can increase also the amount of your health and chakra. Your appearance may also change. There are two types of transforms, permanent and periodic. The constant is switched on immediately, after reaching the appropriate level. Periodic is possible to turn on depending on your needs.

New Characters

If you want to play a character that you can unlock, it's possible. At the moment when this tutorial is written, there are 3 characters to unlock, and will be more. To unlock Haku you need level 60. Kimimaro Kaguya is level 120, and Itachi Uchiha is 180.

Fast Traveling

You can save time in the game by traveling with a Hawk (for premium account). The alternative to other players are a bit slower, but also useful boats.

Upgrade Items

You can upgrade items using gems. Depending on the statistics of the item, you must use such a gem. To upgrade weak items use black gems. To upgrade average items use silver gems and to upgrade better items use gold gems. Gems can be obtained by exchanging 100 materials. You gain the material by destroying items with a hammer. Black hammer gives the smallest number of materials, silver is a bit more, and gold is the best, but it is the most expensive hammer in the shop.

Dragging Items

To drag a certain amount of items you need to hold ctrl. If you want to move only 1 stack of item, hold shift. If you want to put an item to your backpack much faster, you can click left mouse button two times on the item.


You can move by arrows or WSAD on a keyboard. You can turn the character by holding the appropriate button and choosing the direction. If you move using the arrows, this button is ctrl. If using WSAD, it's a shift. By space you can jump. You can also move the mouse on the buttons in the top panel to check their keyboard shortcuts. If you want to do a keyboard shortcut yourself, go to Hotkeys, you can find it in top panel. You can set there to use the item on any key, and also to say jutsu.