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* New buttons in commands panel.
* Sizes Inner Backpacks changed to colored: Red, Yellow and Green Inner Backpacks with rotate option.
* Fixed bug with too many creatures on tile.
* Fixed party. Changes in party exp bonus with shared exp option enabled:
- First exp is shared by members count and then it's increased:
2 members: 170% (0.5 * 170% = 85% per monster)
3 members: +270% (0.33 * 270% = 90% per monster)
4 members: +380% (0.25 * 380% = 95% per monster)
5 members: +500% (0.2 * 500% = 100% per monster)
* Summons marked in jutsu bar as summoned or killed.
* New craft recipt for red inner backpack.
* Maito Gai sells items to faster training of attack speed.
* When Haku is in the mirror, he slows down the opponent harder and doesn't stun.
* Every player's attack is slowing down enemy a little bit.
* New amazing sell system (not finished).
* Health and chakra bars optimized.
* Fixed auto walking without target during fights on PVP Arena.
* The ability to buy your own amount of items from other players markets.
* The ability to choose the currency (NSGC or rin) in which you want to sell the item from market.
* Loot in monster page.
* Fixed login issue after boat-logout.
* New house in Konoha: Sakura House.
* Summons optimized.
* Increased damage area of Rasenshuriken for 240 level.
* Fixed blocking Hawk road by some jutsus.
* Additional damage from transforms does not work on events.
* Increased damage of Kage Bunshins with players level, 50% damage break added. * Increased damage of Suna Bunshin with players level, limited summons count to 1, 50% damage break added. * Increased damage of Bugs and Insects with players level, 50% damage break added, 2x faster attacks. * Increased damage of Ninken and Adult Ninken with players level, 50% damage break added. * Increased damage of Sumi Bunshin with players level, 50% damage break added. * Increased damage of Ink Snake with players level, 100% damage break added. * Map fixes.
To connect use the client which you can download there:
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* Summons no longer block auto walk.
* When fighting a players summon, the maximum attack speed is 4 attacks per second (before it was 10).
* Hakke Rokujuuyonshou and Hakke Hyakunijuuhachishou increase maximum attack speed to 6 attacks per second when fighting a players and summons.
* New effect for Hinata's Juuho Soushiken.
* Bunshins change their outfits and gain boost after masters transform.
* Added Konoha Organization Base #1 for 1240000 rin.
* Jutsu bar improved, more precise.
* New depo with more slots and search option.
* Drinking added to auto actions [R] to increase the pleasure of playing Rock Lee.
* The possibility of using items that are under summons, opening corpses even under summon.
* No change of target after entering the mirror by Haku and Itachi's teleport to the raven.
* Take all from contrainer with one button if container is gonna to dissapear.
* Hakke Hyakunijuuhachishou and Rokujuuyonshou new effects.
* Battle window and Auto Target [F] improved.
* Boss Tobi has less cash in the loot, slightly more damage from jutsu and he is behind the level door.
* Increased spot and spawn of Gatekeepers and Ultimate Gatekeepers.
* Increased spot and spawn of Monkey Guardians and Monkey Fighters.
* Added appearance of swimming Sai.
* Increased spot and spawn of Amaterasu Prisoners.
* Now that most of the boosts are on/off - limited time Suiken Kempoo due to requiring drink items is more effective now and adds 25 taijutsu!
* The damage from Rock Lee's jutsu depends on Taijutsu in 25-27%.
* Space-time jutsu in Hawk scroll is unable to use during fight - Thanks to Gutz for report.
* Demon changes. Free talents reset once a day (before it was once a week), no more random boxes for talent point.
* Spot added with more Primal Curseds.
* Added Mobile Depo button and command for premium account to NS Shop. Temporarily Mobile Depo is available without buying to test a large-scale.

To connect use the client which you can download there:
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Happy Easter
Today, we want to wish you all the best! For the time of Easter, npc Kid Sai (near depo and markets) sells Easter eggs that heals 100% for 1 rin each! All bonuses (+10% health, +10% critical chance and damage, +20% loot,+10 levels to skills, +1 exp stage) are active today.