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Naruto Story US
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Naruto Story EU

Regular updates

In 2021 alone, we delivered 24 patches. The changelog is huge and our plans are to keep developing the game and adding even more entertainment to the ninja world. We ensured the game's stability at the highest level. We have built a large community of Naruto and anime fans, and on our website you will find a lot of information on how to become the ninja in the world of Naruto Story.
Regular updates

Unique characters

You can choose from many characters to play, you will find the most popular ninjas from the world of Naruto. Which role of the class will you feel most confident in?
Damage dealer Tank Support
Damage dealer:

Characters who base their development on high physical and jutsu damage. Their damage can be so great that the enemies don't have time to think.

Powerful summons

Your adventure will make you not only gain new allies and friends, but also summons! They are powerful creatures that will always be on your side.

Summon 1 Summon 2


Together with your friends, you can not only hunt, but also live. Decorate your house, buy a cute pet and invite your friends to train together on the roof. And when you go to the hunting ground, do not worry about stamina, because the cute pet will bring you coffee!

Jump & dash

In the ninja world, agility is very important, so in our game each character can jump and dash. You can jump over enemies to surprise them or avoid a dangerous attack. In combination with the dash, you can be very fast, almost like a yellow flash.

Dash Jump


The game world is very large. Sometimes, in order to get somewhere, we have to use a specific means of transport.
Not only that, if you are in a hurry somewhere, you can fly on a hawk!

Hawk Boat

Alternative stories

To put it all together, we've decided to introduce stories that don't contradict the Naruto universe, but also don't follow the canonical story. The entire dream mission is based on this story, as well as hunting grounds such as forged beasts or susanoo warriors.

Susanoo Bijuu

Ninja world

We try to make the world of Naruto Story resemble the one we know from our beloved Naruto anime and manga. In this way, we are trying to show our sympathy for the work we grew up on. We hope you will also create beautiful memories while playing with us.

CS2 Shannaro Danzo Turtle