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Patch 20.08.2021

Hello ninjas,
We invite you to familiarize with the changes:
* Susanoo set, God Shinobi set and Pirate set changed.
* Sasuke, Itachi, Obito: Katon Housenka no Jutsu has an extra two shots, but projectiles can now be avoided by enemy. Improved graphics of Katon Housenka no Jutsu.
* Sasuke: Katon Ryuuka No Jutsu from the beginning is in the form of a dragon. Fire wave is now a separate spell for monsters.
* Kankuro: Sasori Puppet got Suidan no Jutsu (6s cooldown).
* Inventory and containers freeze bug fixed.
* Hagoromo Otsutsuki shop fixed.
* Critical chance bug fix.
* Map fixes thanks to Right.
* JAR OF THE SAKEGARI SWORD after change of charges, it is immediately visible on hovering over. You no longer need to close and open backpack.
* More precise indication of the waiting time to logout and the bonus exp time.
* Attack Speed bug fixed for dist weapons on short distance.
* Showing in real time stun status icon.

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New season soon

Hello ninjas,
It was a great season for us, for the creators, and I believe it is also for you, for the players.
We've added a lot of news since last season. The patch list is huge.
However, few things are still ahead of us.
- Polishing the current characters.
- The ability to view all skills in the skill module at once with bonuses such as damage, critical bonus, and even the total armor value and so on.
- There will also be changes to the sets, dividing them into sets for Defenders, Attackers and Tacticians.
- New players will get 3 leaf tires to use in leaf mode to avoid PVP with stronger players who developed their characters earlier.
- New players can expect huge exp and skill bonuses, but the bonuses will not miss anyone, even experienced players.
- There will be 4 new playable characters.

The estimated start date of the new season is 27.08.2021.
More information soon!
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Patch 31.07.2021

Dear players,
We invite you to familiarize with the changes.:
* Preparations for the customization module (creation of a hairdresser building).
* Orioke no Jutsu name changed to Oiroke no Jutsu.
* Kage Bunshin no Jutsu upgrades after 55 level to Tajuu Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (also for Yugao Uzuki).
* Summons are more suited to the player's speed (increased walking speed).
* Naruto: Bunshin Taiatari comes instead of Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. The using player needs a clone to throw it and slow down, push away and deal damage to the enemy.
* A slightly expanded story mission (saga) of Iruka with Henge no Jutsu.
* Kimimaro Keyaki no Mai damage fixed.
* Damage from portable water field scroll is reduced by 20%.
* Damage from explosive clay garuda scroll is reduced by 25%.
* Kabuto Yakushi sprite upgraded.
* In PVP Hokage Amulet is lost only when person who knockdowns you is at level close to you or lower. That disables ability to abuse knocking down players below your pvp level section and last hitting them with characters of similar level.
* Kakuzu Upgrade now automatically converts money.
* Leaf mode enabled. Increased price for one hour purchase. The maximum number of possible leaf mode launches per day is 1 and 2 for premium. One leaf mode activation may last a maximum of 2 hours. You can turn leaf mode on and off only while in PZ, unless you run out of time. Leaf mode players cannot fight bosses. It also does not block any monsters from respawning.
* Konoha houses #10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 transformed into two larger houses with numbers #4 and #5.
* Ino flower shop graphically improved.
* Corrected entrance to Orochimaru's hideout to prepare more story missions locations.
* Three coloured pills box changed to stackable item.
* Tactician 9 talent changed from "5%/10%/15% chance to steal enemy chakra" to "+2%/4%/6% of chakra drain and gain.
* Kiba's Gijyuu Shikyaku no Jutsu doesn't add value of player level to Critical DMG, instead it increases Critical DMG by 20%.
* Activating leaf mode deactivates Hero vs Criminal event bonuses.
* Defense used in talent module changed to resistance (the change affects only the naming).
* Customization module added. Henge no jutsu in Combat Control module disabled.
* Several new story missions.

Due to the change in damage ratios, we will try to bring the damage ratio back to a similar level to the pre-patch level by using transformation bonuses, pernament bonuses and buffering jutsu. The setup process may take several days.
* Damage from transforms increased.
* Due to the last crash and several hours of server unavailability, we are increasing experience to x6 for everyone until further notice.

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