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Main changes:
* New monsters: Susanoo Warrior, Ancient Susanoo Warrior, Amaterasu Prisoner, Demonic Susanoo Warrior, Monkey Guardian, Monkey Fighter
* New bosses: Susanoo Demon Lord, Itachi Uchiha
* Experience bar at the bottom of the game!
* New recipes for crafting, new items, new weapons, includes a new set - Susanoo Set!
* Tactician Talent #2 increases the chance of trap success 2x.
* Added sound when unread message on chat appears.
* Many bugs reported on Discord have been fixed - thanks Ronilek!
* Game optimization - improved system of walking and attacking, return to the old attacking system without delay after losing contact with the enemy.
* Client optimization - better performance.
* More slots in backpacks.
* Faster Hawk travel.
* Charging flame creator temporarily disabled.
* Constanst +200 health to koiyasute no jutsu.
* Hawk tower scroll - teleports us to the nearest tower.
* Slick Dagger (x6 attack speed training) added to loot of Rogue.
* Hand Weights (x7 attack speed training) added to loot of Cursed Madman.
* Enma Kongou-Nyo (x8 attack speed training) added to loot of Monkey Guardian.
- It summons Monkey Guardian.
* Market slots inceased to 35.
* Possibility of resting with a campfire.
* Changes in dungeons:
- Enter to Suna Tomb cost now 5 yen (before it was 3).
- Enter to Cursed Hideout cost now 8 yen (before it was 5).
- Dungeons are time-unlimited now.
- Deleted tiles with questions, teleporting to the temple.
* NPC: Orochimaru - soul transfer to another body (changes the player's character for 90 NSGC).

Delicate changes:
* Fixed "Revive" option after death.
* Application is now required to pass doors to Ibiki Morino.
* Charged Windy Fan changed to Bloody Fan.
* Demon after new year fixed.
* Fixed Tsukiyomi (wasn't working if "show loot" option was disabled)
* Permanent transformations are started using transform technique.
* Some fixes on site.
* Demon after new year fixed.
To connect use the client which you can download there:
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Merry Christmas

We want to wish you all the best.
For this time the expbonus for everyone is included.
Merry Christmas!
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* Tactician Talent #4 makes jutsu "Charge" regenerate more chakra by the amount of chakra control. The maximum chakra charge speed is 5 seconds.
* Flying (Hawk) does not take any more rest.
* 9 new quests (necessary items for crafting).
* New craft items.
* New players will have on the minimap marks with hawk towers.
* Summons disappear during the flight with a hawk.
* 2.5 times faster charging jar of the sakegari sword on monsters.
* Naruto, Kiba, Itachi, Sakura, Gaara, Chouji are now training attack speed just as fast as others.
* Naruto, Kiba, Sakura, Gaara, Tenten, Shikamaru are now training avoiding just as fast as others.
* Each character now gets permanent bonuses forever! Soon you will be able to check what bonuses you got on a site!
* Improved loot from bosses.