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* The prices of First Hokages Necklace reduced to 10k rin (replica) and 35k rin (original).
* You are effectively drunk only above 50%.
* Portable water field scroll able to buy from Ayoshi (NPC).
* Sasuke Uchiha(NPC) gives two more jutsu scrolls, #2 for 1.2k rin and #3 for 3.6k rin.
* Monsters below Sage Student weakened by 10-30%.
* Rock Lee is training avoiding fast now.
* Tenten is training avoiding average now.
* Slots in depo increased from 30 to 60.
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* Kakuzu Heart is not closing when you teleport to enemy.
* Follow is working after enemy's teleport.
* Rank is adding damage and defense.
- Genin: +3%,
- Chuunin and Missing Ninja: +4%,
- (more ranks soon)
* If you are hungry, you train 4x slower.
* Push fixed.
* Automatic events should be now at 21:00 (CET)
* Markets will reset at Sunday at 06:00 (CET)
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* The general Attack Speed for everyone has been increased.
* Tessenka no Mai (Kimimaro) now deals damage.
* Kiba boost adds now 15 attack speed.
* Chouji boost adds 20 taijutsu, previously added 15.
* Introduced Offline Training (Based on DBL system).
* Automatic events and cleaning of markets once a day.
* New skill limits, you can see on the site.
* Deleted crafting of silver and gold materials.
* Sand Murderer Suit from the ANBU Traitor Set has had its protection +10.
* Weaker items are now available in shops for new players.
* Implemented Chakra Release and Chakra Barrier jutsu to the game!
* Nanto Ring now regenerate 4 health/s and chakra regeneration is increased to 8 chakra/s (before it was 7).
* New ring - Ring of Release. It regenerates 7 health/s and 20 chakra/s.

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