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Update on Naruto Story OTS

* Summons no longer block auto walk.
* When fighting a players summon, the maximum attack speed is 4 attacks per second (before it was 10).
* Hakke Rokujuuyonshou and Hakke Hyakunijuuhachishou increase maximum attack speed to 6 attacks per second when fighting a players and summons.
* New effect for Hinata's Juuho Soushiken.
* Bunshins change their outfits and gain boost after masters transform.
* Added Konoha Organization Base #1 for 1240000 rin.
* Jutsu bar improved, more precise.
* New depo with more slots and search option.
* Drinking added to auto actions [R] to increase the pleasure of playing Rock Lee.
* The possibility of using items that are under summons, opening corpses even under summon.
* No change of target after entering the mirror by Haku and Itachi's teleport to the raven.
* Take all from contrainer with one button if container is gonna to dissapear.
* Hakke Hyakunijuuhachishou and Rokujuuyonshou new effects.
* Battle window and Auto Target [F] improved.
* Boss Tobi has less cash in the loot, slightly more damage from jutsu and he is behind the level door.
* Increased spot and spawn of Gatekeepers and Ultimate Gatekeepers.
* Increased spot and spawn of Monkey Guardians and Monkey Fighters.
* Added appearance of swimming Sai.
* Increased spot and spawn of Amaterasu Prisoners.
* Now that most of the boosts are on/off - limited time Suiken Kempoo due to requiring drink items is more effective now and adds 25 taijutsu!
* The damage from Rock Lee's jutsu depends on Taijutsu in 25-27%.
* Space-time jutsu in Hawk scroll is unable to use during fight - Thanks to Gutz for report.
* Demon changes. Free talents reset once a day (before it was once a week), no more random boxes for talent point.
* Spot added with more Primal Curseds.
* Added Mobile Depo button and command for premium account to NS Shop. Temporarily Mobile Depo is available without buying to test a large-scale.

To connect use the client which you can download there:
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Happy Easter on Naruto Story OTS

Today, we want to wish you all the best! For the time of Easter, npc Kid Sai (near depo and markets) sells Easter eggs that heals 100% for 1 rin each! All bonuses (+10% health, +10% critical chance and damage, +20% loot,+10 levels to skills, +1 exp stage) are active today.
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* Ultimate transformations added on website.
* Information about premium account on website refreshed.
* Kuchiyose no Jutsu Kakuzu Heart does not count as a standard summon.
* 2x more slots in backpacks, new inner backpack type: large inner backpack (30 slots).
* Triple nunchaku changed attack speed training bonus to x26.
* Slick dagger changed attack speed training bonus to x16.
* Hand weights changed attack speed training bonus to x20.
* Enma kongou-nyo changed attack speed training bonus to x48.
* Yondaime kunai changed attack speed training bonus to x28.
* The support functions have been connected to the game - auto actions.
* Favorite weapon for Shino and Shikamaru appears on website.
* Shikamaru boost (Kurayami ga Kita) increases throwing by 15, no longer adds taijutsu and blade.
* Shino boost (Kikaichuu no Jutsu) increases throwing by 15, no longer adds taijutsu and blade.
* Most boosts are now possible to turn on and off.
* Scroll boxes are like other boxes now, there's 20% for box to be empty.
* There is only one pack of scrolls to learn jutsu, they are always for your character now (based on Choujis scrolls).
* Cooldown decreased of Jar of the Sakegari Sword to 1 second.
* Sand Golem sprite improved.
* Gijyuu Shikyaku no Jutsu effect sprite improved.
* Ninken and Adult Ninken cooldowns reduced by 2 seconds.
* Choharite increased area damage.
* Disable and enable auto actions with !autoactions commands.
* Commands !yellowarrow, !redarrow and !turnafterattack connected to !settings commands.
* To Yondaime Robe in NS Shop is included one random skin fitting to the addon.
* Genin damage and resistance bonus reduced from 3% to 2%.
* Powerful engine optimization.
* Command !removesummons to remove your summons from map.
* Shunshin no Jutsu is now possible to turn on and off.
* Elite Root Members and Monkeys added to daily tasks from Izumo Kamizuki and Tobi.
* Hero/criminal points added as a reward for finished daily tasks.
* Teleports changed to Kamui portals.
* New house in Konoha: Sarada House, Konoha House #18.
* New daily tasks from Adult Sasuke Uchiha with portals.
* Auto walk works on water if you have more than 35 chakra control.
* Hawk scroll price went down to 3500 rin from 4000 rin.
* Tree chakra control training is twice as fast as it used to be.
* New turning to enemy algorithm.
* We changed Duel System to Hero vs Criminal System being the basis for new ranks.
* A wheel of Fortune added to Lodging Town.
* When fighting a player, the maximum attack speed is 4 attacks per second (before it was 10).
* Limit level for gaining exp is 1000.
* 1# upgrade Kakuzu Heart makes him immortal.

To connect use the client which you can download there: