Markets fixed
Today I worked and repaired markets bug.
I'm sorry that you have lost valuable items.
The markets are now fixed. Markets will not disappear anymore after the shutdown.
In addition, I'm making loot 200% for two days
to compensate for losses and giving expboost x7 for one day.
Today, Naruto Story is updated to one version above.
To connect to the game you have to download the new client:

Changelog (EN): Click

Thank you in advance for helping us bring the server to life!
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- Monster gives you 30% less experience if its too weak for you.
- A few bugs fixed.
- Added some icon for haste, if you want you can make a graphic for it.
- Kyuubi deals more damage with spells (event).
- Next Skull System fixes.
- A bit reduced exp from tasks.
- The price of ROFHN (replica of aol) is reduced from 3,5 yen to 2,5 yen and from 110 NSC yen to 60 NSC.
- The price of FHN (aol) is reduced from 7 yen to 5 yen and from 170 NSC yen to 110 NSC.
- Added option to buy 1x NSGC for 60 NSC (!nsc nsgc 1)
- Wind weapon can be both, sword and glove, just use it to transform it.
- Talent to increase critical damage by up to 2 times fixed.
- Tobi respawn fixed.
- New monster, Salamander with 2 new items: SALAMANDER ARMOUR, SALAMANDER MASK.
- Traps are weaker about 30%.
- Traps will dissapear after 15 minutes.
- Map updated.
- MILITARY RATIONS PILL and HOME PILL have the same cooldown.

Thank you in advance for helping us bring the server to life!