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Patch 09.05.2020

* Frags are counted if you attacked somebody and the player dies because of monsters.
* Depo box appears instead of Gabriev.
* First Hokage's necklace ensures no loss of equipment and skills after death. No longer includes exp loss protection. (The replica still ensures no loss of exp experience after death by monsters.)
* First Hokage's necklace renamed to Hashirama necklace.
* Hashirama necklace is now available in several versions depending on player level. You will find new necklaces at Tsunade. Don't underestimate the matter, if you do not want to lose items in PVP!
* EXP Bonus able to buy only if you don't have exp bonus time.
* Take all button closes the container automatically.
* Two headed-dog sprite reworked.
* Sage ANBU skin reward fix.
* Naruto Uzumaki After War skin transform got Kyuubi Aura.
* First transform of Naruto got Kyuubi Aura.
* You can't fly on Hawk if you attacked player before.
* Sparring mode added to NPC Pain.
* You can't change the floor level too quickly in a short time.
* Kai leaves 5% of your current chakra.

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To connect use the client which you can download there:
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Patch 04.05.2020

* Kawarimi no jutsu bug fixed.
* Added No-Logout Zone and Protection Zone on the roads of boats.
* Client with bugfixes.
* Karamatsu no Mai doesn't block the user, but slows down strongly.
* Chidori damage a little bit increased and is based on the queue principle now.
* Kamui Raikiri is based on the queue principle now.
* Rasengan is based on the queue principle now.
* Oodama Rasengan is based on the queue principle now.
* Health regeneration of Naruto changed to 4%.
* Health regeneration of Obito changed to 3%.
* Kirin area damage decreased a little bit, stuns target. The damage in the target stays the same.
* Karamatsu No Mai refreshes skill statistics.
* Orioke no Jutsu turns into Haremu no Jutsu if Naruto used Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.
* Tessenka no Mai Hana stuns target for 2 seconds now and works like other melee spells (rasengan, chidori etc.).
* Akatsuki set graphic refreshed.
* Gedo Mazo's bonuses of damage and resistance decreased to 6% from 7%. Active area of Gedo Mazo decreased. Damage of Soul Eat decreased by 20%. Reworked appearance.
* Fast change of nature on Combat Controls.
* Changes in nature elements.
* Naruto Hokage skin added to NS Shop.
* Kuchiyose no Jutsu Gedo Mazo will teleport Gedo Mazo to master if it exists or summon it if it not exists. Active area of Gedo Mazo increased.
* Shoosen Jutsu heal value increased by 10%.
* Naruto Hokage skin reworked.

To connect use the client which you can download there:
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Patch 25.04.2020

* Task items loot info added to website.
* Player with skull can't be attacked in team (party).
* Kageshibari no Jutsu as last Shikamaru's spell with area damage and area stun of 2 seconds.
* Aim on top option fixed.
* Better optimization.
* Party crash fixed (probably).
* Sasuke Uchiha outfits reworked.

To connect use the client which you can download there: