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Important information

Dear players,
due to recent crashes and server problems NSTeam made decission to do reset of characters at the end of 2020.
Also it has been decided that any received NSC from 01.08.2020 till server reset will be given back after reset.

Thanks for your help and patience during these hard times.
NS Team
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Patch 17.09.2020

* Spellbar fixes.
* Outfits centered on widgets.
* Ansatsu Jutsu got blade multiplier and 20% true damage.
* Ku no Tachi got blade multiplier and 20% true damage.
* Hiken Tsukikage got blade multiplier and 20% true damage.
* Mikazuki no Mai got blade multiplier and 20% true damage.
* Konoha Daisenpuu fixed.
* Kage Bunshins now uses Ku no Tachi.
* PVP Module and green leaf mode implemented.
* Leaf mode is designed for those who don't want to participate in PVP. You can't heal people in PVP if you have green leaf, you can't fight with players, they can walk through you. The price depends on your maximum account level. The current price is heavily discounted to test the system. Conditions to be met to be able to activate:100 level or more, less than 10% of the weeklykills limit, 0 frags, no battle icon and leaf mode time purchased.
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Patch 17.09.2020

* Ansatsu Jutsu is now also used by your Kage Bunshins.
* Tabs added to NS Shop.
* Reflect should work on raw damage.
* Haku Mirrors do not dissapear during Hyogan Domu.
* Resummon auto action disabled for Ice Mirrors.
* Traps disabled while looking for a crash.

There is an unintentional error in the game that turns the game off from time to time. Please keep this in mind, because we don't compensate for any losses due to error. You have to be extremely careful.
Consider joining our community on Discord. There you will find the "Road to go" channel, where information about changes appears even faster!

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