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* Premium account -20%
* Kakuzu Heart -30%
* Mobile Depo -50%
* Mini Chomei (Mini Bijuu summon) -60%

New missions, fixed bugs, stronger monsters, network optimization and more advanced client!

To connect use the client which you can download there:
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Patch on Naruto Story OTS

* Change password option on site.
* Sell system almost for every item.
* Added minimum price of items to website.
* Slider and new map on website.
* Delete character option implemented on website.
* Online list module.
* Optimized teleportation jutsu (shouldn't kick anymore, thanks to Slavi).
* Developed jutsu bar with additional functions. (thanks to Bakasura).
* Stash system. (based on DBL)

To connect use the client which you can download there:
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Patch on Naruto Story OTS

* Deleted text "CRITICAL" when dealing a critical hit (another damage animation is enough).
* Fix teleport summon bug.
* Fix NSGC price for market items on website.
* Shino's Mushi Kabe no Jutsu changed to turn on/off.
* Insects and Bugs health increased from 180% to 195% health of master.
* Suna Bunshin health increased from 60% to 195% health of master. Added spell Suna Shigure.
* Hand weight bug fixed.
* Ultimate bar changed to looks more simple.
* Shino's Soshaku no Jutsu cooldown reduced from 4 seconds to 3.5 seconds.
* Shino's jutsu Kikaichuu Arare cooldown reduced from 17 seconds to 16 seconds. Area damage increased to 3x3.
* Chat can be reduced even more now.
* Reflection from Shino's Mushi Kabe no Jutsu increased from 5% to 35% for players and 70% for monsters.
* Chakra Barrier reflection increased from 10% to 15% for players and 30% for monsters.
* Reflect talent increased from 10/20/30% to 20/40/60% for monsters.
* Network optimization.
* NPC talking delay.
* Map fixes.
* Disabled using items under our summons.
* Skill limit does not affect on boosts (from skills and global).
* Kimimaros Karamatsu no Mai is slowing instead of blocking the user, added reflection 25% for players and 50% for monsters.
* Hinatas Shugo Hakke Rokujuuyonshou improved graphic, added reflection 15% for players and 30% for monsters.
* Some bug fixes.
* +1100 rank points added to events reward.
* Stackable Dist weapons got individual % to destroy.
* Take all button added to Kakuzu Heart.
* Not working jutsu with jumps on the house tiles.
* Added new house in Konoha: Konoha House #20.
* Buy House and Leave House commands in Commands Panel.
* House bug fixes.
* Hakke Rokujuuyonshou and Hakke Hyakunijuuhachishou are no longer paralyzing movements of user, improved animation.
* Kakuzu Heart improved animation.
* Added chest belt to Ninja Mercernary as a task item.
* Added button to remove summons in Combat Controls.
* New first spawn place, new first items.
* A window with the possibility to open a tutorial at the beginning of the game.
* Improved ANBU Rank outfit.
* New monsters: Prison Guard, Grassy Apophis, Grassy Bastet, Grassy Chnum
* New tasks (Tobi and Izumo) for 500 level.
* New character: Kakashi Hatake.
* New story teller: Fat Anko Mitarashi.
* New skins in NS Shop: Elegant Kakashi and Konan The Angel.

The update will be divided into 3-4 parts. Today comes part 1. Probably in a month - part 2.

To connect use the client which you can download there: