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Patch 17.09.2020

* Ansatsu Jutsu is now also used by your Kage Bunshins.
* Tabs added to NS Shop.
* Reflect should work on raw damage.
* Haku Mirrors do not dissapear during Hyogan Domu.
* Resummon auto action disabled for Ice Mirrors.
* Traps disabled while looking for a crash.

There is an unintentional error in the game that turns the game off from time to time. Please keep this in mind, because we don't compensate for any losses due to error. You have to be extremely careful.
Consider joining our community on Discord. There you will find the "Road to go" channel, where information about changes appears even faster!

To connect use the client which you can download there:
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Patch 07.09.2020

* Change rank type option added to NS Shop for premium.
* Greenhouse in Sand Village added (mission with the place is not ready yet).
* Depo ignores the limit for returning items from market.
* New character added: Yugao Uzuki.
* New Addon: Lava Wings added to the shop (level required: 340).
* PORTABLE WATER FIELD SCROLL cooldown changed from 8 seconds to 16 seconds.
* EXPLOSIVE CLAY GARUDA SCROLL cooldown changed from 7 seconds to 14 seconds.
* New jutsu scroll: OOKASHOO SCROLL with cooldown 10 seconds.
* New jutsu scroll: KAGE HARI NO NAMI SCROLL with cooldown 12 seconds.
* Tsuiga no jutsu (Kakashi jutsu) fixed.

To connect use the client which you can download there:
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Patch 27.08.2020

* Weekly Frag limit increased from 50 to 75. Ammount of frags need for RS increased from 10 to 20.
* Organizations bugfixes.
* No-queue login for premium fixed.
* Weekevent PVP and PVE Limits added.
* Update of places on the map.
* Map update on the site.

* Changes in jutsu:
* Chidori Nagashi stun time increased from 2 seconds to 3 seconds.
* Amaterasu deals now after main damage additional true damage 4x100.
* Kirin stun time increased from 2 seconds to 3 seconds.
* Oodama Rasengan respects defense and inviolability.
* Gatyomi no Jutsu deals 20% true damage now.
* Gijyuu Shikyaku no Jutsu critical damage bonus decreased from 25% to 20%.
* Sabaku Kyuu got damage of base Suna Shigure.
* Sabaku Sousou damage decreased by 10%. Damage of Sabaku Sousou increased by 20% for targets in Sabaky Kyuu, spills more blood now.
* Suna no Tate Counter spills more blood.
* Hakke Kushou got stack increase damage, like Suna Shigure and strong slows enemies.
* Maikuro Konchuu stun time increased from 2s to 3.5s.
* Aianu Ooru Hogo cooldown increase from 9s to 12s.
* Ikken Toro now stuns enemy for 1.5s.
* Tessenka no Mai got 20% true damage.
* Omote Renge got 25% true damage.
* Fusajin no Jutsu got 30% true damage.
* Kageyose hitora no Jutsu got 30% true damage.
* Kagemane no Jutsu got 40% true damage.
* Kagemane Shuriken no Jutsu deals now small damage.
* Kamui got 35% true damage.
* Sashiki no Jutsu stun time decreased to 2 seconds from 3 seconds.

To connect use the client which you can download there: