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* Kage Kubishibari no Jutsu, Kage Nui no Jutsu increased area of damage.
* Public message after defeating bosses (one in 5 minutes).
* Kyouten Chiten is dealing damage after teleport to Raven with more area, Ravens got 150% master's damage and each one add +3 throwing and +3 attack speed to master. They spread to a smaller distance.
* Corrected HP and MP again due to an unknown error increasing it.
* Demon Wind Shuriken added to Shin's loot.
* Weakened Kinkaku and Ginkaku.
* Code optimization of the ultimate jutsu
* Client fixes

We introduced delicate changes to client. It is not necessary to download a new client, but we recommend it:
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* Bottom experience bar now shows % to next level.
* Small informations displays on the top of chat (previous on the bottom of screen).
* Small informations displays with a gray background.
* Weapons to train attack speed are now more effective due to complaining about slow attack speed training.
* Necklace of Uchiha destination strengthened.
* Reduced level requirements for summoning weapons.
- Sougu tensakai summons now on 320 level new stackable weapon: giant shuriken.
- Suna shuriken summons now on 320 level new stackable weapon: sand giant shuriken.
- Aisu senbon summons now on 320 level new stackable weapon: ice giant shuriken.
* Kunais and big shurikens are no longer on the floor after attack.
* Stackable weapons no longer disappear during training.
* Stackable weapons have only 25% to destroy after attack.
* Stackable weapons got great bonuses, including throwing training bonus.
* Summons health bonus appears on site.
* Bandages, wrap bandages, easy sword and stone sword got training bonus.
* Weapons for faster taijutsu, blade fighting and throwing training can be worn two at a time and accumulate bonuses!
* Trade sends items to players. If the player has no place, items appears in depot. If the player does not have a place in the depo, the trade can not be realized.
* New font in chat tabs and information boxes.
* Stackables weapons are first taken to destroy from other places than players hands.
* Suna Tomb enter fixed.
* Annihilators works with summons.
* Insects level and ninjutsu increased from master's 50% to 80%.
* Required level of items with bonuses corrected.
* Battle checkboxes are saved when exit the game.
* New shop elements: Akatsuki Sakura skin, Cleansing scroll of gems.
* Starting work on a new rank system.
* Charged guardian glove: +2 attack speed bonus added, heavy steel glove, Bashousen +%1 damage.
* Added golden boxes to Masamune.
* Fitting monastic jacket, white pirate pants, black captain's boots increased loot bonus to 6%.
* Itach after teleport to raven is casting an explosion of amaterasu.
* Fixed refreshing skills after transform.
* Button to aim target on battle window.
* Icon status of speed up fixed.
* Shikamaru and Shino got distance favorite weapon.
* New Health Information window.
* Snake's tongue added to loot, added quest on Red Captains.
* No more dealing damage to creatures from pvp arena, new enter to arena from depo and markets.
* New create loot function (based on the newest ots engine), base loot changed to 170%.
* Story missions monster is treated as a boss.
* New bosses, Kinkaku and Ginkaku with Bashousen and new item, Shichiseiken in loot.
* Completed sprites of items and monsters on the site.

To connect use the client which you can download there:
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* Saisei Risa now shows the amount of healed life.
* Increased area of Amaterasu damage.
* Sharingan adds 5 attack speed (previous - 20).
* Gijyuu Shikyaku no Jutsu adds 5 attack speed (previous - 10).
* Suiken Kempoo adds 10 attack speed (previous - 25).
* Chakra Release adds 15 attack speed.
* Chakra Barrier adds 15 attack speed.
* Transform fixed on events.
* Weapons to train attack speed are now more effective due to complaining about slow attack speed training.