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* The general Attack Speed for everyone has been increased.
* Tessenka no Mai (Kimimaro) now deals damage.
* Kiba boost adds now 15 attack speed.
* Chouji boost adds 20 taijutsu, previously added 15.
* Introduced Offline Training (Based on DBL system).
* Automatic events and cleaning of markets once a day.
* New skill limits, you can see on the site.
* Deleted crafting of silver and gold materials.
* Sand Murderer Suit from the ANBU Traitor Set has had its protection +10.
* Weaker items are now available in shops for new players.
* Implemented Chakra Release and Chakra Barrier jutsu to the game!
* Nanto Ring now regenerate 4 health/s and chakra regeneration is increased to 8 chakra/s (before it was 7).
* New ring - Ring of Release. It regenerates 7 health/s and 20 chakra/s.

To connect use the client which you can download there:
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Due to the technical intervention of the hosting service, the server was shut down before 13:00 PM.
We used this time to introduce the patch.
It has not been completed yet, but it is already possible to implement.

Anyone who comes under the depot of the leaf village today at 20:00 PM will get the First Hokage Necklace from administration as part of an apology for today's problems.

Introduced changes in the patch:
* Improved places on the map (including parts of quests)
* Automatic stacking of items.
* PACC can be logged in 2 characters at the same time.
* New tasks for PACC with marked locations on the map.
* New skins, Sarada, Mitsuki and Boruto! Sale -10% to 22.11.2018!
* Display of the discount (-75% of the price in the NS Shop) in the case when we have the item bought on a different character (previously the price was displayed the same)
* 3 houses in the village of Leaf for sale:
- Konoha House # 16 (134000 rin)
- Konoha House # 17 (154000 rin)
- Don Kanonji House (56000 rin)
* Blocked use of healing pills in the arena.
* You can not charge your jar during the fight.
* Now you can click "F" on your keyboard to change a target of battlelist.
* Increased drop rate for items from BOSSES (Danzo Shimura, Iron Sahd Kihiko etc.)
* Chat messages should not be blocked anymore.

To connect use the client which you can download there:
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- Markers on the map do not disappear after logging out.
- Improved prize after story mission with Haku.
- Koiyasute no Jutsu still depends on the level but it has limits, heals a minimum of 5% health and maximum of 10%.
- Now on the website you can check if a weapon is a glove, blade, throwing type or maybe a ring.
- You can also check if an item is part of a set.
- Increased prices in stores (higher profitability).
- Improved reflection effect.
- Description added for shovel.
- Corrected Kakuzu Heart. It doesn't spoil the loot anymore. Now it refreshes itself after teleport, not closing Kakuzu Heart bag.
- The minimap returns from full option to its place.
- Flying with a hawk is now 2x cheaper.
- Added markers on the map for story missions and some helping marks for new players.
- PVP enabled from level 30 (required tests).
- Added information boards with place names.
- Universal Set:
A new type of set item is being introduced. These items fall under the "Universal Set" category and rather than having one particular set that they come under, they can fit any kind of set.
This will allow you for more customisation of your equipment to suit your playstyle and needs.
For example, if you have a full samurai set and you acquire an universal set armor item, you can replace the samurai set armor for it and still maintain your 10% bonus to damage and resistance that wearing a full set offers.
- Dark Soul:
The item Dark Soul that was previously only available to be looted from Cursed Prisoner and is required for crafting certain items has been added to the following monsters: Cursed Madman, Cursed Fighter, Cursed Avenger and Primal Cursed.
- Charging Flame:
Previously you were able to place a Charging Flame within a protection zone, this has been changed and you will no longer be able to place one in an area that is designated as a protection zone.
Player houses are protection zones and so this means that you will not be able to place one in your house.
- New skins! Sasana Temari, Sasana Hinata, Sasana Sakura, Sasana Tenten!
Promotion! (07.11.2018 - 10.11.2018)
Sasana skins -30% and First Hokage Necklace -18.2%!

To connect use the client which you can download there: