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Restart - 25.12.2020

Hello ninjas,
restart of the game is coming on 25.12.2020, 18:00 CET.
The server will be ready to welcome the Ninjas who will conquer the world of Naruto Story again.

Visit the game's FANPAGE
There you will find a contest in which you can win premium points NSC!

Soon, the last list of changes that will be implemented before the beginning of the new adventure.
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Patch 15.12.2020

* Spanish chat added.
* Ninjutsu progress calculator of offline training fixed.
* Hiken Tsukiage got stun for 2 seconds.
* Ku no Tachi got increased damage for attack speed multiplier.
* Summons on trainers do not use spells.
* Tazuna walk fixed.
* Sawao NPC changed position to shop center.
* Fix with corpses that shouldn't be able to picked up.
* Added few items to fast sell system.
* Fix bug for disappearing characters in the arena.
* Push delay changed from 5s to 4s.
* We don't deal damage to summons if we haven't choose Area PVP option in Combat Control and we don't attack directly the summon or master of it.
* Hiken Tsukikage adds immortality during dash. After 300 level Hiken Tsukikage is more advanced, divided into 3 parts so that the dash is longer.
* An anti-copying system has been introduced.
* Weekevent rank points decrease after death.
* Shisho fixed, new NPC's outfit.
* Sage ANBU and Sage Akatsuki skins got transform and transform animation.
* Leave house command kicks out guests and owners of house.
* Correction to displaying skulls during party.
* Kakuzu Heart does not lose items after logging out.
* Cooldown of items on jutsu bar.
* Limit for traps - 3 traps on the tile. When placing a new trap, the weaker types of traps disappear first.
* Sleep/Hot spring/Knockout visual moving when previous skin was floating type has been fixed.
* Crash fix at Kyuubi event. Thanks to Rzut Oszczepem for report.
* Collecting from quests first tries to add the item to the appropriate slot.
* Player offline also loses frags (being pacc slower 50%, being facc slower 75%).
* Resistance from items reduced by 30%.
* Roof graphics improved (Sprited by Arsetus).
* Using weapons can no longer pull you out of your stun.
* Kai during stun takes 20% health and 50% current chakra. During paralyze takes 10% health and 60% current chakra. In normal situation it takes 70% current chakra.
* Kai is not premium jutsu anymore.
* New big house in Konoha.
* Random talent addition removed. Talent is added every 10 levels.
* Some tasks have been improved.
* JAR OF THE SAKEGARI SWORD now takes charges from defeated enemies around our character.
* Character classes have been added. Increasing the importance of permanent bonuses.
* New harder upgrade system - not yet complete.
* Summons page on the website updated.
* New character: Kankuro (Sprited by Mati, Assisted by Breno and Adrik).
* Characters page on website revised.
* Chuunin written exam revised (Coded and scripted by Bakasura and Adrik).
* NPC speech sync improved. (Scripted by Bakasura and Adrik)
* Kakuzu Heart storing items bug fixed.
* Chakra charge stops with trying to move.
Consider joining our community on Discord. There you will find the "Road to go" channel, where information about changes appears even faster!

To connect use the client which you can download there:
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Important information

Dear players,
due to recent crashes and server problems NSTeam made decission to do reset of characters at the end of 2020.
Also it has been decided that any received NSC from 01.08.2020 till server reset will be given back after reset.

Thanks for your help and patience during these hard times.
NS Team