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Hotfix 27.09.2021

Hello ninjas,
Thank you for having fun together on the new season of Naruto Story.
We've made some minor tweaks to make the game even more fun.

* Corrected markers on the minimap.
* New characters swimming graphics added.
* Monkey Prince added to absorb list of jar of the Sakegari sword.
* Improved pearls inserted into items.
* Fixed some blocking items that shouldn't block.
* First Hokage's true appearance added.
* Ino: Shinten Bunshin no Jutsu fixed.
* Slow fixed.
* Sakura: Enhanced Strength refined.
* With the Katon nature or with any known katon jutsu, we can light the campfire.
* New characters jutsu are described on website. Staff information and screens on website updated.

We would also like to inform you that the contest has ended and we thank you for participating.
Unfortunately, we had to change the winner several times, because it turned out that he made the post non-public.
We liked one more name, so we increased the amount of rewards.

I: Whale floppy disk (Naruto LED lamp + 2400 NSC)
II: Sanson (2400 NSC)
III: DogTor (1200 NSC)
IV: Bubson (1200 NSC)

Congratulations to the winners, please enter nick in the facebook comments section.

Consider joining our community on Discord. There you will find the "Road to go" channel, where information about changes appears even faster!

To connect use the client which you can download here:
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New season

Hello ninjas,
We announce that the new season will start today at 18:00 CEST.
New players receive a bonus to experience +2x to 600 level.
If you're not starting out, but haven't reached level 600 yet, we have good news for you - you'll get an experience bonus +1x to level 600.

Next, new players receive a training bonus +100% of all skills to their average level (i.e. Taijutsu: 80, Blade: 80, ChakraControl: 50, AttackSpeed: 80, Throwing: 80, Avoiding: 50, Agility: 40, Ninjutsu: 90).
Again, if you already have a character but haven't reached your average skill level yet - you will get a +50% bonus to training these skills.

Not only that, all players will receive a skill training bonus +20% due to the new season, which will give the opportunity to train to a very good skill level (ie Taijutsu: 135, Blade: 135, ChakraControl: 95, AttackSpeed: 135, Throwing: 135 , Avoiding: 90, Agility: 70, Ninjutsu: 150).

This bonus is multiplied with the previous ones!
Bonuses will last until further notice.

What's new in today's patch?
New options, such as hiding creatures by name in the battle module and setting chat transparency.
A new summon joins the game, Monkey King.
To become its master, we have to gain his trust, prove our strength.
You'll be able to face a new monster, Monkey Prince, stronger than the Monkey Guardian and Monkey Fighter, who underwent graphic improvement.
Monkey King was a summon of the Third Hokage.
If you watched Naruto, you probably remember that Sarutobi was killed by his student - Orochimaru.
Monkey King, Enma also remembers it and will definitely mention it.

New characters will be available for creation around 16:00 CEST.

We will also mention something else.
Remember about the contest in the previous post.

Consider joining our community on Discord. There you will find the "Road to go" channel, where information about changes appears even faster!

To connect use the client which you can download there:
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Hello ninjas,
3 days left until game new season!
It's time for a contest!
In case you don't know yet, domesticated pets have joined the game!
Over time, the number of their kinds will be greater.
The fact is that we can uniquely name them whatever we want!

How to participate?
Write a funny name for a pet in English in the comment, then share the contest facebook post.

1. Naruto LED lamp (16 colors) + 2400 NSC Key
2. 2400 NSC Key
3. 1200 NSC Key

Winners will be selected when the new season starts.
Good luck!