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- Monster gives you 30% less experience if its too weak for you.
- A few bugs fixed.
- Added some icon for haste, if you want you can make a graphic for it.
- Kyuubi deals more damage with spells (event).
- Next Skull System fixes.
- A bit reduced exp from tasks.
- The price of ROFHN (replica of aol) is reduced from 3,5 yen to 2,5 yen and from 110 NSC yen to 60 NSC.
- The price of FHN (aol) is reduced from 7 yen to 5 yen and from 170 NSC yen to 110 NSC.
- Added option to buy 1x NSGC for 60 NSC (!nsc nsgc 1)
- Wind weapon can be both, sword and glove, just use it to transform it.
- Talent to increase critical damage by up to 2 times fixed.
- Tobi respawn fixed.
- New monster, Salamander with 2 new items: SALAMANDER ARMOUR, SALAMANDER MASK.
- Traps are weaker about 30%.
- Traps will dissapear after 15 minutes.
- Map updated.
- MILITARY RATIONS PILL and HOME PILL have the same cooldown.

Thank you in advance for helping us bring the server to life!
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Server change

To improve the game's comfort, we move to more stable servers in France.
Due to network attacks on our server I had to change host service.
We apologize for earlier problems.
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Let's go!

The game starts soon!
To connect use the client which you can download:

Thank you in advance for helping us bring the server to life!